Everyday we read thousands
of news on our feeds

Some seem unbelievable

Others leave
us speechless

And what is even worse…
we don’t know if we should believe them anymore

We need to put an end to it, and demand quality information. Vote along thousands of users to help classify information as real news or fake news.Your opinion matters. We reflect it.

Misinformation is spreading, but how badly?

Truth Duel created the Misinformation Index (MI) to give to the world an accurate picture on how badly misinformation is spreading. The MI is based on people’s beliefs around a certain topic, irrespective of the facts around said topic.

For example, if an article comes out saying that Peter O’Dribble has allegedly made racist comments, and people cannot agree on whether that is true or not, then the MI rises. The MI does not take into consideration whether Peter O’Dribble indeed made such comment and if it can be classified as racist, but only whether people believe it or not.

Normally, sudden changes in the Misinformation Index can be tracked to a declaration or important event of some well known person around a hot issue, mainly politics and celebrity gossip. The MI is computed by the votes people make on Truth Duel every day.

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